Agricultural grass slashing services

Grass slashing services for effective paddock and weed management

Maintaining vegetation on a large rural property or farm can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the right slashing equipment on-hand. At Seven Hills Tallarook, maintaining our own land has made us experts in vegetation management, and we provide paddock slashing services that will keep your property under control and able to be utilised all year round.

Whether you require paddock slashing, general maintenance to reduce fire hazard risks, or something else, we have the equipment and the skill to perform grass slashing and weed management services to your specific property requirements.

Tractor with a mowing attachment

Paddock slashing, weed management, and more

Our grass slashing services are suitable for a range of rural land management requirements. Whether your land is used for grazing, crops, or simply to provide you with a beautiful outlook, we can keep it looking prosperous by carrying out any of the following services as required:

Paddock slashing

We can carry out fast and efficient paddock slashing across varied pasture conditions. By reducing the bulk of your pasture, you can ensure new growth and quality livestock feed.

Vegetation clearing

If you’re looking to set up a new paddock or have a section of land that is simply out of control, we can provide vegetation clearing leaving the area primed and ready for a new purpose.

Weed management

Slashing is an effective way to control a range of weed varieties. It is important that weeds are addressed before they go to seed and spread further across the land, so don’t delay and let us take care of it for you.

Fire hazard management

Having cleared land with minimal vegetation debris is the best course of action to minimise risk during fire season. Grass slashing is an easy and effective way to ensure your property is fire ready if the worst should occur.

Weed out any potential vegetation issues before they arise with our premier range of grass slashing services.

Agricultural spraying

Spot spraying

Agricultural fencing

Paddock slashing, spraying, fencing, and more

At Seven Hill Tallarook, our grass slashing services form only a small part of our overall business capabilities. We offer a further range of agricultural services for clients in the Mitchell Shire area which includes agricultural fencing as well as a comprehensive spot spraying service. Don’t spend your time searching for multiple contractors when our team can handle it all. To find out about our full range of services you can contact us at any time for more information.

Slash your paddock down to size

Get the most from your grass and vegetation by ensuring it is properly maintained with our paddock slashing services. By carrying out slashing on your property you can encourage new pasture growth and increase your soil quality, all while ensuring that you minimise any potential fire hazards. To take advantage of everything our slashing service can provide your farm or rural property get in touch with us today by calling or simply completing our online enquiry form.

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