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Hosted through tiny-house experts Tiny Away, Hilltop Tiny House is placed on a magnificent hill looking southwest towards Broadford and Kilmore, with clear sights of Mount Piper and the Tallarook State Forest to the northeast. Relax and enjoy your stay with the most stunning vista of trees and undulating hills, while experiencing living off the grid and truly disconnecting here.

Our tiny house Airbnb is eco-friendly and solar powered, and offers guests a comfortable stay with its well-equipped kitchenette, complete with a small indoor pot-bellied stove and fireplace. It can comfortably accommodate two people with a queen-sized bed up in the loft and a couch on the ground floor. The kitchenette has everything you need to cook your light meals with a two-hob gas cooktop, cookware, cooking utensils, cutlery, dishes, silverware, and even a portable electric cooler fridge.
The ’Hilltop’ tiny house
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$205 / night

A true taste of farm life

A wild kangaroo

Meet the local wildlife

Our tiny house guests will have the opportunity to see how our farm animals are raised. The farm has more than 1,500 goats, pet chickens, turkeys, pigs, and sheep. In addition, the farm's rivers and dams hold yabbies and fish, and at night it turns into a nocturnal wildlife park.

Chickens in a pen

Hands-on fun

There's plenty to do at the farm for our guests looking for that 'farm-stay' experience, especially for younger guests, such as visiting chickens and pet pigs, and collecting freshly laid eggs in the morning. Egg collecting incurs an extra cost – this helps to support our farm and keep us running.

Toasty and warm

During the winter months, tiny house rental guests tend to enjoy joining us for cutting wood, burning off, and then relaxing by the campfire with a beer at the end of the day.

Gone fishin’

We have two kilometres of Sunday Creek to enjoy – whether you want to walk, fish, or catch yabbies, we have rods and yabbie nets available if needed.

Strolling or rolling

We have ten kilometres of roads on the property which showcase incredible views looking over the Tallarook State Forest and Mount Piper.

Because good things come in small packages, embrace the unique experience of a tiny house Airbnb holiday

The ’Paz’ tiny house


Off the grid

Solar powered

Things to know about tiny house rental

Off the Grid

The Seven Hills Tallarook farm is totally off-grid, and by extension so is the Hilltop Tiny House. Going off-grid is an excellent opportunity to experience a different side of life away from the hustle and bustle, but it can come with its challenges if you are not adequately prepared.

Solar powered

Please note that because the tiny house rental is solar powered, during winters or on days with low light conditions, limited power is generated. It is best to conserve power as much as possible to avoid running out of power at night. You can bring portable power banks to charge your phone and other small electronics if you wish.

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