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Farm spraying services safely carried out by seasoned professionals

Spraying is a vital component when it comes to maintaining an ongoing farming operation, serving as a means of controlling weeds, insects, and preventing any outbreaks of disease. It’s important when carrying out spraying that close attention is paid to both the mixing and application of the chemicals. Whether it be an agricultural pesticide, herbicide, or fungicide, the average farmer probably doesn’t fancy getting elbow-deep in dangerous chemicals.

Armed with a modern range of spray equipment, the team at Seven Hills Tallarook have the expertise to step-in and safely handle all your farm spraying requirements. With a comprehensive working knowledge of popular spray chemicals as well as their properties we can also provide you with assistance in ensuring you are selecting the correct chemicals for your job.

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Our range of farm spraying services

At Seven Hills Tallarook we utilise top-of-the-line automated weed sprayers to safely deploy your choice of agricultural pesticide, weed killer, or fungicide in a safe, efficient manner, carrying out services that include:

Spot spraying

An effective means of eliminating weed seed, spot spraying will individually target plant or land sections and minimises the amount of chemical usage.

Broadacre spraying

This method of spraying efficiently covers a large area and can be completed with use of a selective or nonselective herbicide depending on the land purpose.

Fence line spraying

As the name suggests, this involves using spray equipment to apply a chemical to the fence line of a paddock or property to minimise vegetation growth.

Track spraying

For farms that regularly move equipment or cattle, we can track spray permanent routes across the property to make for easier transportation and livestock movement.

Spray safe by ensuring that your agricultural pesticide and weed killer applications are carried out by our expert team.

Agricultural fence construction

Agricultural fencing

Grass slashing

Farm spraying services and so much more

Weed sprayers aren’t the only tools we’ve got, and our professional farm spraying services aren’t the only way that Seven Hills Tallarook can help around your property. We have a range of additional specialist services available for agricultural clients and rural property owners in the Mitchell Shire to help ensure the sustainability and safety of their land.

Managing our own land and livestock has made us experts in vegetation and paddock slashing as well as agricultural fencing with which we offer installation, fault finding and repairs. Reach out to a member of our team for more information on the full range of services we can provide for you and your farm.

Organise a spray date with us

If you find chemical spraying an absolute bore, outsource the chore to us! At Seven Hills Tallarook, our team will attend your property and take care of all your spraying duties with the utmost efficiency and care. Our farm spraying services cover everything from the mixing of weed killers and pesticides, through to the safe handling and successful application of the compound.

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