Agricultural and rural fencing services

Farm fencing services for the Mitchell Shire and beyond

Fences play a vital role on large properties and farms. They go a long way towards ensuring that your livestock and pets remain within your property boundaries, as well as keeping pest animals like wild dogs out. For effective land and farm management it’s vital to have an adequate fencing system in place that is equipped to handle your property’s requirements.

At Seven Hills Tallarook we’re well known for our boer goats. Keeping our herd in check has made us experts when it comes to livestock and goat-proof fencing. We provide all our fencing services with the same level of craftsmanship and quality that we put into our own fences. Whether you’re starting from scratch, looking for fence repairs, or need to overhaul an existing fencing system, you can trust our expert team to leave you with a sturdy and long-lasting rural fencing solution.

Wooden paddock fencing

Our range of professional rural fencing services

Whether it’s to keep stuff in or keep stuff out, we have a range of fencing services that can ensure your property is secure, no matter how vast it may be.

Electric fencing

Create not only a physical, but a psychological barrier with an electric fencing system that can be set-up as a temporary or permanent structure.

Paddock splitting

If you’re looking for more effective farm management or to divide a piece of land for multiple purposes, we can implement paddock splitting to your planned specifications.

Fault finding

We can provide a precise fault finding assessment of your electric fence system and perform any necessary repairs to ensure it continues to operate at its optimum capacity.

Fence repairs

Our team can undertake all manner of property and farm fence repairs for fencing systems composed of electric cabling, barbed wire, woven wire, welded wire, and more.

If you’re looking to set boundaries that won’t be broken, trust Seven Hills Tallarook for all your agricultural fencing services.

Agricultural spraying

Grass slashing

Agricultural spraying

We don’t just stop at fencing services

At Seven Hills Tallarook, aside from our expert fencing services, we are proud to offer a complimentary range of additional agricultural services to our clients across the Mitchell Shire. Our team can provide grass slashing services to ensure your paddocks are pasture ready as well as agricultural spraying for effective weed management. To find out more information on any of our additional services simply reach out and contact a member of our team.

Let us fence you in

Ensure the security and safety of your property and its assets by enlisting our team for all your fencing services and repairs. Whether you operate an electric or more traditional system, we can implement new fencing and assess and repair any existing fencing to ensure effective, long-lasting boundary protection. Contact our team and make an enquiry today by giving us a call or completing our online enquiry form.

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