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Goat Fencing

General Goat Fencing

Boer goats are domesticated animals (rather than feral), and do not pose the same management problems as feral animals. Sheep fencing should be adequate to contain Boers. Breeders suggest that a rule of thumb is that the fencing should be good enough to keep in crossbred sheep. Goats tend to go through or under fences rather than over them, so ringlock/hingejoint or electric fencing is recommended rather than plain wire. Existing plain wire fences may be protected by using a low electric outrigger. Standard sheep yards are usually adequate, although low yards may require some modification to make them higher.

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Goat Fencing at Seven Hills

Good Quality tightly drawn fencing using ringlock /Hingejoint  8/90/30 is paramount in keeping goats in, particularly in areas where feed  is low. Goats will try to get under or through the fence to get to better feed or fodder. At Seven Hills, we use Star Pickets at 3 meter intervals due to our hilly terrain. In most cases, this is overkill and pickets at 6m to 12m are more than sufficient if a hot wire/electric outrigger is run roughly 45cms above the ground. For extra strength we also run a top and bottom wire and staple the hingejoint to it. Try not to use diagonal stays, as goats have been known to climb the incline on the post.

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Goats will tend to rub on fencing or scratch themselves, which overtime degalvanises the fence wire causing rust. Good electric fencing will keep your fencing in good order, keep the animals in and keep your mind at peace. At Seven Hills, we run two sets of 300mm outriggers. One at 45cm off the ground, and the other at waist height. (this prevents larger animals from standing up on the fence).

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Fencing Fencing
Fencing Fencing