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Due to the great demand within the goat meat industry and the limited availability to supply, Seven Hills has introduced an Alliance program. This program enables growers to produce animals to a specific criteria which Seven Hills then purchase. The program will assists growers with selection of animals, genetics, as well as training and development and this assistance in return enables growers a return on their investment.

Irrespective, all producers should make themselves fully aware of the market specifications of any buyer and fully understand the terms and conditions of sale.


Why partner with Seven Hills?

A Partnering Alliance with Seven Hills enables smaller produces to take advantage of:

  • Established markets into butchers, retailers and restaurants
  • Marketing
  • Property planning & fencing
  • Infrastructure - Including handling equipment, yarding, lick feeders etc
  • Goat selection - Advice on what animals will work for you
  • Goat husbandry advice
  • Goat nutrition information and recommendations
  • Consultation and access to Seven Hills external consultants
  • An established and easily recognizable brand / registered Trade Mark
  • Premium price for Seven Hills Alliance Program Producers
  • Knowledge and experience accumulated over 24 years
  • Access to a full range of Smallgoods at wholesale prices
  • Access to our online store at discounted prices including a full range of fencing equipment, materials and suppliers from Thunderbird at discounted rates: Visit our site here

Quarterly information/workshops in:

  • Meat Assesment
  • Husbandry and Management
  • Industry Days


How does the Partnering Alliance Work?


Successful applicants are required to commit to a yearly supply of animals consisting on any mix of Does, Wethers & Bucks. This is negotiated depending on herd and property size.

Alliance partners are required to meet 70% of the pre-determined quantity to supply per-annum. The incentive for Alliance Partners is that they can benefit from out enormous buying power, through having access to 2500 suppliers with over 60,000 products sold on The Farm Store. 

Alliance Partners will receive premium prices for animals paid over the scales for live weight within days of sale, and access to over 24 years of industry knowledge.

In addition to this, Seven Hills Tallarook will give each partner a 6% rebate paid annually for any sales purchased from The Farm Store too! 


To become an Alliance Partner please Contact us




Seven Hills has a defined criteria for the purchase of animals from its aligned suppliers. Animals are divided into three distinct groups:

1.          Animals for the goat meat supply chain – these animals are destined for slaughter and are either marketed to restaurants and/or retail butchers. The premium criteria for these animals is age, weight and body condition score specific. Criteria can change from time to time as new markets are developed.       


2.          Animals for the export market – these animals are destined for the overseas breeding market and the criteria is age and weight related as well as sex. Age range is between 4 and 6 months and a weight restriction of no more than 30 kgs.   All animals must be female.


3.          Animals for the breeding program – these animals are destined for acceptance into Seven Hills Breeding Program.   These animals must be female and range in age of 2 to 5 years. A background of statistical data must accompany these animals.  

This data would include :

(a) Whether the animal has previously kidded, if so how many kids were born and how many survived.

(b) Not yet of breeding age, the percentage of boer infusion that is 1st cross, 2nd cross, (F1, F2 etc).


All animals irrespective of which group they belong, must be NLIS tagged and come with a National Vendor Declaration and Goat Health Statement.   Where animals are registered with the Boer Goat Breeders Association of Australia, they must come with their registration pedigree.

Animals outside of the above criteria are always considered but their status is reflected in the price paid.

 Interested in partnering with Seven Hills? Contact us!